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Polycystic ovaries


Polycystic ovaries refer to ovaries having many tiny cysts or bumps. These cysts themselves are not harmful and not needed to be removed. The name Polycystic Ovarian Disease refers to the enlarged ovaries that contain many very small cysts. Women with PCOD typically have high levels of androgens.

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy Care

“Schedule your first prenatal appointment for pregnancy care, once your pregnancy is confirmed. It comprises of the following aspects:

  • Medical history
  • Physical examination
  • Laboratory tests

Surgical Sperm Retrieval

Surgical Sperm Retrieval

About one man in a hundred produces no sperm (10-15% of all sub fertile men) – a condition known as azoospermia. Various factors can contribute towards these conditions, some of which may be inherited. To achieve pregnancy, surgically retrieved sperm are used in an IVF/ICSI treatment cycle.

Ultrasound Scanning

Ultrasound Scanning

The ultrasound scanning is an important part of Reproductive Medicine assessments. It gives the information about the lining of the womb and the number and size of follicles, and any existing pathology, such as cysts or fibroids. This helps to decide the further stages of treatment.


What is Surrogacy

What are the unborn baby’s normal movements in pregnancy? Surrogacy is when the couple who are unable to conceive, can have a baby from another woman. The intended parents are the ones who become the legal parent of a child who is born through surrogacy. There are two types of surrogacy:


Your Baby Movements in Pregnancy

Most women, when they are 18–20 weeks pregnant, can first aware of their Baby’s Movements During Pregnancy. However, if this is the first pregnancy, a woman may not become aware of movements for more than 20 weeks pregnant. Unborn baby’s movements as a kick, flutter, swish or roll can be felt by a pregnant woman. As the baby develops, the movements type changes. During the afternoon, evening, baby movements are felt more.

preparing for Pregnancy

Healthy Living – Preparing for Pregnancy

Preparing for a healthy pregnancy and Improving health will benefit the people in many ways and benefits too for couples who are trying to have a baby. Healthy lifestyle improves the fertility and may increase the chances of successful treatment.

Prenatal Testing

Prenatal Testing

What is the IONA® test? The IONA test is a prenatal test done for pregnant women which are for estimating the risk of the fetus having serious genetic diseases. It is an advanced test where screening is carried out on a small maternal blood sample. The patients can expect the results within 3 – 5 days approximately.

Long down regulated

Long Down Regulated

Buserelin is the first injection given and is used to suppress the hormones temporarily before ovarian stimulation begins. These injections are started during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle (approximately 21st day) and continued till the one is ready for egg collection. The Injections are given at the same time every day. After 2 weeks of continuing these injections, the blood test should be taken to test the oestrogen and luteinizing hormone.

Infertility sperm storage

Infertility Sperm Storage

How are the samples produced and stored? Semen samples are collected and stored in a small bottles sealed with liquid nitrogen vapour and are labelled with the name, and contact details. Freezing takes place as soon as possible after the sample is given, so it is better if the sample is produced on the premises.

infertility semen analysis

Infertility Semen Analysis

For assessment of sperm quantity and quality, a semen sample should be provided. Delivery of your sample As a fresh sample is essential for this test, it must be brought to the laboratory within one hour of being passed at home.

induction of ovulation

Induction of Ovulation

What is Induction of Ovulation? The process of stimulating the ovaries that produce one or two follicles containing an egg each is Induction of Ovulation.



What is ICSI and why is it necessary? Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) refers to the technique of injecting a single sperm into the center (cytoplasm) of the egg. In natural conception, many numbers of sperms surround the egg, but only one sperm penetrates and fertilizes each egg. In standard IVF we mimic nature by adding number of sperms to the dish containing the egg.

infertility semen analysis

Giving Consent to Fertility Treatment

Before starting fertility treatment, one should need to complete several consent forms. This is to allow us to be sure that you understand the treatment being planned and all its implications. We appreciate that it may sometimes seem like there is a lot of paperwork to go through, but the purpose of this will make us deliver a safe and good service complying with the law governing fertility treatment.

Flu vaccination

Flu Vaccination

What is flu? What are the symptoms? Flu, which can be sometimes called Seasonal flu, causes usually in the winter season. It’s an infectious disease. The common symptoms are cold with a stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, fever, headache, chills, extreme tiredness, and pains in the joints and muscles

fertility Preservation

Fertility Preservation

1. Record chart Blood tests are usually taken between 7.45 and 8.30 in the morning to ensure that we get the results back the same day. Blood is taken to check your oestrogen level. This indicates as to how your ovaries are responding to the stimulation drug.

fertility care

Fertility care for Women Diagnosed with Cancer

Overview Even the cancer treatments are improved, the complications faced by survivors of cancer are more. Many survivors are young and are diagnosed and treated before they have children.

feeling your baby

Feeling your Baby Move

The Baby Movement is a sign that they are fine Mostly between 16 and 24 weeks of pregnancy, you may have Feeling Your Baby Move. The type of movements like kick, flutter, and roll, may change as pregnancy progresses.

Fallopian Tube Cannulation

Fallopian Tube Cannulation

What is fallopian tube cannulation (by keyhole surgery)? If a woman is suffering from subfertility issues with a blockage in the part of the fallopian tubes closest to the womb, they can have treatment of Fallopian tube cannulation.

Endometrial scratch

Endometrial Scratch

What is endometrial scratch? The patients who had failed cycles despite transferring good quality embryos, Endometrial scratch is the best procedure to help those embryos to implant successfully after the process of IVF, ICSI.

Antagonist Protocol

Antagonist Protocol

Please visit the doctor on the first day of your next period (the day you wake up bleeding). Inform the unit that you are on the short protocol, and you can have the medication at home. Once treatment is accepted, the instructions regarding when to start your injections will be given.

Sperm Retrieval

Before and After Surgical Sperm retrieval

Sperm Retrieval What time do I arrive? On the day of the operation, please report to reception. The staff can then tell about the location of the bed.

fertility care

Advice Before and After Egg Recovery

Before egg recovery • Before ready for egg recovery. As usual, the nurses will ring to inform about drug doses.