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Baby Movements during Pregnancy

Your Baby’s Movements in Pregnancy

Baby’s Movements During Pregnancy

What are the unborn baby’s normal movements in pregnancy?

Most women, when they are 18–20 weeks pregnant, can first aware of their Baby’s Movements During Pregnancy. However, if this is the first pregnancy, a woman may not become aware of movements for more than 20 weeks pregnant. Unborn baby’s movements as a kick, flutter, swish or roll can be felt by a pregnant woman. As the baby develops, the movements type changes. During the afternoon, evening, baby movements are felt more. During day and night, the baby may have sleep periods for mostly 40 minutes. The number of movements tends to increase until 32 weeks of pregnancy and then stay about the same, although the type of movement may change as you get nearer to your due date.

Why are my unborn baby’s movements important?

If the baby’s movements get slowed or stopped, it implicates that the baby is not well. Around 50% of women notice the baby’s movements. Don’t use Doppler or phone apps to check the baby’s heartbeat.

How many movements are enough?

Every baby has a pattern of movements as there is no set number of normal movements. From 4-6 months, pregnant women can feel the baby movements more and stay up to 8 months and then stay roughly until giving birth.

What factors can affect the pregnant woman feeling her baby move?

If the pregnant woman is active or busy, she can be very less likely to be aware of the baby’s movements. Your baby lying head down or bottom first will not affect whether you can feel it move. If the baby’s back is lying at the front of the uterus, she may feel fewer movements than if the baby back is lying alongside her back.

What can cause baby movements to reduce?

The baby movements can be lower, when

  • Drugs like pain relief or sedatives are used.
  • Alcohol consumption and smoking.
  • When the pregnant woman is unwell.

Should the woman use a chart to count her unborn baby’s movements?

Different babies have a different pattern of movements. The pregnant woman can get aware of the baby movements’ frequency throughout the pregnancy. If she feels the movements are reduced, approach the doctor immediately.

What if the woman is unsure about her baby’s movements?

If a pregnant woman feels or unsure about the decrease in baby movements, the women should lie down on the left side to focus on the baby’s movements for 2 hours. If not more than 10 movements aren’t felt, immediately approach the doctor.

What to do if I feel the baby’s movements are reduced or changed?

Always seek doctors to help immediately. Never neglect a reduction in your baby’s movements.

    • For less than 24 weeks– Generally, the baby movements can be felt from 18 – 20 weeks, if the woman doesn’t feel it, visit the doctor for a checkup. The doctor checks the baby’s heartbeat. An ultrasound scan will be arranged to check the baby’s wellbeing.
    • During 24 – 28 weeks of pregnancy– The tests like baby’s heartbeat, having an antenatal checkup, size of the uterus, blood pressure level, protein levels testing from urine are done by the team. If the uterus is smaller, an ultrasound scan is used to check the baby’s growth.
    • Over 28 weeks of Pregnancy– During this time, do not neglect the baby’s movements. Approach the doctor immediately if the baby’s movements are reduced. The baby’s heartbeat will be monitored for at least 20 minutes. An ultrasound scan is arranged to check the growth and amount of amniotic fluid around the baby, if
    • The uterus is smaller than expected.
    • Pregnancy risk factors.
    • Heart rate is normal but still, feels less than normal baby’s movements.

What to do if the woman finds her baby’s movements are reduced again?

If the baby’s movements are slowed down even after the checkup, don’t hesitate to take the advice from the team.

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